History of Grace
0e3695611_1412173982_historyupdatedIn 1946, the Jordan City Baptist Church, pastored by Rev. JL Reeves, was located on Talbotton Road on what is now an empty lot adjacent to Buck Ice & Coal, Co. Mr. Jordan, owner of the cotton mill across the street, donated a plat of land to the church at 2915 14th Avenue. On June 23rd, forty-seven members disbanded the church, moved to the new location and incorporated as Grace Baptist Church under Rev. HL West. After two years, Pastor West resigned and was succeeded by Rev. JE Wilks, another original member, who served as interim pastor for the next eight months. Pastor VA Campbell was called in April 1949, and served for over a year. On October 1, 1950, Rev. Jimmy C. Neaves became the church’s pastor.
In 1952, Pastor Neaves led the church to build a new auditorium, now called Hodges Hall. Later that year, the church adopted its first official constitution. Pastor Neaves cut his own salary so that the church could begin supporting its first two missionaries at $10 per month each. In February of 1956, the church purchased its first bus to bring in children from the community.
Pastor Neaves died unexpectedly, and on November 3, 1957, the church called Rev. Walter Lee Hodges as pastor. For the next 31 years, Pastor Hodges expanded the church’s outreach through the bus ministry, missionary support, the founding of a Christian School, the establishing of sister churches in the community and the winning of souls. On September 25, 1966, the church voted to dissolve its denominational ties and become independent. By 1972, the church had outgrown its facility, and the current auditorium was built. Under Bro. Hodges’ ministry, the Sunday morning attendance grew to an average of 300 to 400. In 1979, Pastor Hodges led the congregation to begin Grace Christian School. By August of that year, the new Educational Building was finished, and the first year began with 65 students in grades 1 through 9 with Rev. Doug Hodges as the school’s first principal.
In 1988, Brother Hodges retired for health reasons and recommended Rev. David Price to succeed him. Under Brother Price, the church and school attendance continued to rise. In an attempt to accommodate this growth, the church facility underwent a remodeling project and purchased a modest amount of adjacent property. It soon became apparent, however, that the congregation’s vision was outgrowing its facilities, and in 1996, the church purchased 40 acres of largely undeveloped land adjacent to a main highway leading out of Columbus.
In 1999, Pastor Price resigned, and the church called Dr. Jeffrey A. Amsbaugh. Our Faith Promise Commitment to Missions more than doubled, and we now support 170 missionaries. Dr. Amsbaugh and Grace Baptist Church joined forces with the Christian Servicemen’s Center and began on-post Bible studies for the soldiers at Ft. Benning.
In 2012, Pastor Amsbaugh resigned, and in January 2013 the church called Pastor Jeremy Rands. Pastor Rands implemented needed changes and led the church to improve the current facilities at the church and school. In September 2015, Pastor Rands resigned. 
In February 2016, Grace called Seth Hon to be the pastor. We’ve already seen our outreach ministries grow, and souls are being saved. We are excited to see what the Lord has in store for Grace Baptist Church!
What We Believe
We believe God eternally exists in three distinct persons each equal in attributes and power – God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. We believe Jesus is God’s only Son who is without sin and who came to earth for the express purpose of giving His life to be a ransom for the sins of all people. We believe Jesus is God. We believe the Holy Spirit is God. We believe the Holy Spirit indwells each believer. We believe the Holy Spirit glorifies Jesus Christ. We do not believe in the modern tongues movement. We believe the triune God created all things and holds all things together. We believe God is sovereign over all things in heaven, in earth, and under the earth and His will is being and will be accomplished in these same three realms.
The Bible
We believe the Bible consists of only sixty-six books (Genesis through Revelation). We believe God breathed the very words of Scripture (all of them) and superintended the men (whom He chose) in the process each had in writing the Scripture. We believe God has preserved His Word in New Testament form in the manuscript text known as the Textus Receptus. We further believe God has preserved His Word in Old Testament form in the manuscript text known as the Masoretic Text. Finally, we believe we have His preserved Word in the English language in the Bible known as the King James Version or Authorized Version. The King James Version is our sole authority for all purposes of reading and studying in English. The Bible is our sole rule of faith and practice.
The Church
We believe the church is a local, visible assembly of saved persons who have been baptized by immersion after their salvation experience. We believe the church has only two offices – pastor and deacon. We believe the church has only 2 ordinances – baptism and the Lord’s Supper (the former being prerequisite to the latter). We believe the church’s primary and all-important business is to tell every person in the world about the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ, baptize those who have accepted Jesus as their Saviour, and teach them to observe His Word.
We believe salvation is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour. We believe a person must repent of his sin in order to be saved. We believe all persons are dead in sin from their birth and must be born-again by faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary. We believe salvation is the gift of God and unable to be earned by any means.
The Second Coming
We believe the Second Coming of Jesus Christ will be in two parts. First, we believe in a pre-tribulation return by Christ in the sky to take His church up into heaven; and second, we believe in a physical return of Christ to the earth bringing saints with Him at the end of the tribulation wherein He will defeat all enemies and set-up His earthly, millennial kingdom.
The Resurrections
We believe in a bodily resurrection of all persons. We believe the body, soul, and spirit of each person will be resurrected and the body changed to accommodate his or her respective destiny of eternal abode. Those who have trusted Jesus as their Saviour will receive glorified bodies capable of heavenly transport. Those who die in their sins will have their bodies resurrected and equipped only to stand before Jesus to be judged and condemned to an eternal existence of pain, agony, and suffering in hell – a place of literal fire and torment.
We believe in missions. We believe God is a missionary God. We believe the Bible is a missionary book. We believe the Church’s primary efforts must be missionary, church planting, and evangelistic efforts.